Jamaican Investment Firm Runs Off With $12 Million Of Usain Bolt’s Benjamins – Is Omarion Nia Long’s Sneaky Link? | WATCH

*Social Heat is coming all the way through. Heads are gonna roll after track and field Olympic champion Usain Bolt was defrauded of more than $12.7 million by a Jamaican private investment firm, Stock and Securities Limited. They’re a runner, they’re a track star…criminals. Usain now has only $12k to his name and is lawyering


LisaRaye McCoy, Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs Talk Fifth and Final Season of ‘A House Divided’ | EUR Video Exclusive

*With 4 previous seasons already under its belt, “A House Divided” is back with its fifth and final season. With a stellar cast, the final season sees the cast returning to their respective roles that fans have grown to love throughout the last few years. LisaRaye McCoy, Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs, Demetria McKinney, Paula Jai Parker and


Governor Wes Moore takes office

On Jan. 18, Governor Wes Moore was officially sworn into office on the steps of the Maryland State House. The first Black man to take the governor’s seat in the state publicly stepped into his role on the steps of a building built by slaves, with his hand on a bible that belonged to the