Nope, long probation sentences don’t help students

By Aziah Siid, Word in Black It’s a split-second decision. While browsing the aisles, a kid slips something into her pocket. Or, after school, he throws a punch without thinking about what comes after. But what’s coming are life-altering consequences. Whether it’s a juvenile misdemeanor or offense, students have to face the reality that part


Black women in the south at gravest risk from pregnancy

By Sarah Jane Tribble As maternal mortality skyrockets in the United States, a federal program created to improve rural maternity care has bypassed Black mothers, who are at the highest risk of complications and death related to pregnancy. The grant-funded initiative, administered by the Health Resources and Services Administration, began rolling out four years ago


D.C. Public Library hosts free summer programming

By Deborah Bailey, Contributing Editor, The Broadway rendition of The Lion King and D.C. Public Library partnered to kick off their Discover Summer Program at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library in downtown D.C.  The D.C. Public Library kicked off their “Discover Summer” with a majestic roar at the rooftop program that started


Kenyon Glover: meet the former NBA player turned actor-filmmaker working to help Haitians become self-sufficient

By DaQuan Lawrence, Special to the AFRO Actor, filmmaker, minister and motivational speaker, Kenyon Glover, has partnered with an international civil society organization, working to help communities in Haiti become self-sufficient.  Through an international fundraising campaign, the group is attempting to raise $2 million via GoFundMe for programming to help communities in Haiti, which are