Del. Diana Fennell, Prince George’s County legislator, celebrates one year of life since cancer diagnosis

By Patricia McDougall, Special to the AFRO On March 15 Delegate Diana Fennell (D- District 47A) celebrated as she marked one year since being diagnosed with breast cancer. The joy was celebrated at Fennell’s “I Survived Breast Cancer” Awareness event with friends, family, celebrities and distinguished guests, including legislators and elected officials. Debra Harrington, Delegate


Flywire Society holds Legacy Awards

By AFRO Staff Flywire Legacy awards is the collaborative brain child of Marcy Crum, Konan and Executive Chef Phil Crump. The entrepreneurs had a desire to help elevate entrepreneurs in Baltimore. They reached out to Mr. J.T. McCray and Chris Chambers, from Jack Daniel’s, with their vision and without hesitation Jack Daniel’s donated $10,000 to


A Comprehensive Guide to Short-Term Investments

Finances FYI | Presented by JPMorgan Chase Photo: Andriy Popov via 123RF There are two main types of investments—short-term and long-term. A short-term investment is money or assets held for a short period ranging from one to three years, to earn additional money. These typically are invested in easily accessible accounts. Short-term investments can be an