Dorrance Publishing Releases ‘Journey to Success: A Systematic Review’ – An Analytical Book by Entertainment Columnist Dr. Eunice Moseley

Cover of the ‘Journey to Success: A Systematic Review’ book by Dr. Eunice Moseley. *Dorrance Publishing, celebrating 100 years of publishing publications, recently announced their latest book release, “Journey to Success: A Systematic Review” by Dr. Eunice Moseley. Dr. Moseley is a syndicated entertainment columnist with over one million readers weekly and president of Freelance


Will Smith’s Epic ‘Official Statement’ Regarding Life Partner Jada Pinkett Smith – Taye Diggs’ Ex Said Being Interracial Couple Damaged Their Marriage + More | PicsVIDEOs

Will Smith Photo Credit: @tvonetv/Instagram *Will Smith gave another “Official Statement” regarding his life partner Jada Pinkett Smith‘s media blitz, and it’s riveting, to say the least, lol! (Scroll down to watch.) Comedian and actress Ms. Pat, government name Patricia “Pat” Williams, has a new show on BET titled “Ms Pat Settles It,” where celebs