Regionalism: don’t be scared to work across boundaries

By Ryan Coleman, President Randallstown Branch NAACP, Special to the AFRO Regionalism is the idea that cities and counties should work with their neighbors as a unit that thrives from collective strengths. The reasons for thinking about regionalism are strong and compelling. The motivation for regionalism comes from both problems and opportunities.  Many of the

How to Holistically Manage Financial Stress

Photo: milkos via 123RF The average American under 50 has between $12,871 and $27,838 in non-mortgage debt. Whether or not you’re already paying a substantial portion of your income to debt, the stress and anxiety that comes with financial struggles is real and pervasive. With rising costs and stagnant wages, many people find that taking on new


Guide to Essential Financial Resources in Times of Crisis

Photo: Sergey Nivens via 123RF In times of crisis, whether it’s a global economic downturn, a natural disaster, or a personal financial emergency, having access to financial resources becomes crucial. These resources not only provide stability during difficult times but also offer opportunities for recovery and resilience. Here are some essential financial resources that individuals and


Companies manufacturing products with ‘forever chemicals’ expected to face repercussions in 2024

By Tashi McQueen, AFRO Political Writer, In recent years, Americans have been raising concerns about toxic chemicals found in drinking water within firefighters protective gear, which largely include PFAS, a “forever chemical” found in polyfluoroalkyl substances which feature particles that slowly break down over time. Since the 1950s, products made with these chemicals have