Before Chinese Spy Balloon Sighting, Classified Report Highlighted Foreign Aerial Spying

Before a Chinese spy balloon was discovered in the United States, American officials said a rival power may have used advanced technology to surveil U.S. military sites.

Chile Wildfires Leave 13 Dead

More than 150 fires burning in the country have also destroyed thousands of acres of forest, as the country faces a scorching heat wave.

Traveling and Eating Well

When you travel, is tracking down a fantastic meal just as important as seeing the sights? I have tips to help.

Some Homeless Encampments Can Stay, but the Underlying Issues Remain

Three court decisions have now ruled that the shelter system does not meet the needs of homeless people.

The Pentagon Saw a Warship Boondoggle. Congress Saw Jobs.

After years of crippling problems and a changing mission, the Navy pushed to retire nine of its newest ships. Then the lobbying started.