Nagorno-Karabakh Fuel Depot Blast Kills at Least 20

The cause of the Monday blast in the breakaway region of Azerbaijan, where thousands have been fleeing for Armenia, was still unclear. Hundreds were wounded.

Hundreds Injured in Fuel Depot Explosion in Nagorno-Karabakh

Video from the Russian government showed some of the blast victims being treated at a medical facility that is part of Russian peacekeeping operations in the region.

Tuesday Briefing

A blow to the Russian military.

In a Port City Severed From the Sea, Young Sailors Feel Adrift

With Russia trying to maintain military control of the Black Sea, Odesa is disconnected from its waters — and its history.

After Taking Away Enemies’ Citizenship, Nicaragua Takes Their Homes

Nicaragua’s government has begun confiscating the homes of former political prisoners and dissidents forced into exile, just as the country did in the 1980s.