Palestinians in Gaza City Head South in Search of Food

Some Gazan families were walking south on Sunday, saying it was too hard to get food aid in the north.

Forced to Change: Tech Giants Bow to Global Onslaught of Rules

For years, Apple, Google, Meta and others operated unfettered. But new laws and regulations have finally compelled them to make major shifts to their products and businesses.

Middle East Crisis: Harris Calls for ‘Immediate Cease-Fire,’ Urging Hamas to Agree

In her most forceful comments to date, the vice president called on Hamas to agree to a six-week pause currently on the table, and Israel to increase the flow of aid into Gaza “given the immense scale of suffering.”

Canada Braces for Wildfire Season as ‘Zombie Fires’ Blaze

A government forecast suggests that there could be even more wildfires this season than during last year’s exceptional fire period.

Racial Profiling in Japan Is Prevalent but Unseen, Some Residents Say

Experts say the country’s first lawsuit about police discrimination against foreign-born residents highlights a systematic problem.