Haitians React to ‘Ransom’ Project

Some Haitians say the world needs to understand the history that brought them to their present-day straits.

Debate Over Tariffs Reveals Biden’s Difficulties on China Trade

Sixteen months into the Biden presidency, U.S. officials are still divided over what to do about a trade legacy left by President Donald J. Trump.

Where Russia Once Held Court at Davos, Ukraine Makes Its Pitch

The Russia House, where oligarchs sipped vodka and talked with politicians and corporate chiefs during the World Economic Forum, has been rebranded “Russian War Crimes House.”

Haitian Creole Speakers Welcome ‘The Ransom’ Translation

Haitian Creole is a national language, but Creole speakers can encounter prejudice, so some were thrilled to see “The Ransom” offered in Creole.

French Bank Will Study Role in Haiti After New York Times Report

The C.I.C. bank siphoned millions in fees and interest from the island’s treasury in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, an investigation found.