How to Build Skills That Help Your Small Business Grow

By Ashley Powdar, AARP Studies show that entrepreneurs age 50-plus are among the most successful, profitable small business leaders. While experience matters, it’s not a magic wand that solves every problem that can threaten a company’s survival. Starting and growing a business is no easy feat. Many new ventures are expensive to start and require years


AFRO finance tips and tidbits

By AFRO Staff In honor of National Financial Capability month, the AFRO reached out to staff members for tips and tricks on how to maintain personal funds. Read the excerpts below for suggestions on achieving success when it comes to managing your money.  Finance advice for different age groups  Bonnie Deanes Bonnie Deanes, AFRO Finance


New podcast highlights legacy of 1968 Memphis Sanitation Strike and sacrifice of Martin Luther King Jr.

By Reginald Williams, Special to the AFRO The I AM campaign over sanitation workers’ conditions in Memphis, Tenn. –the spark that led to Dr. Martin Luther King’s assassination in 1968–is dramatically spelled out in a podcast released this month by the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees commemorating King’s final social justice campaign.