The business of self-care and how to budget for it 

By Megan SaylesAFRO Business Although reducing stress and promoting well-being go hand in hand for many, it’s easy to confuse the act of “self-soothing” with what is called “self-care.” The former is typically reactive and occurs when a person engages in an activity to provide instant relief for emotional, mental or physical distress. The


 AFRO inside look: The benefits of sound healing

By Aria Brent AFRO Staff Writer Regardless of the genre, music plays a special role in the human experience by providing us with sounds that help define certain moments, feelings and occasions. Everyone seems to have a soundtrack to their life.  Certain sounds can connect with and impact different parts of the body–even everyday noises can


New Music Alert! Narada Michael Walden and Cornell ‘CC’ Carter Hook Up for Hot Jam + Sargent Tucker Reshapes A Marvin Gaye Classic | LISTEN

Narada Michael Walden *Following up on his Official Indie R&B Chart #1 track, “It’s So Nice,” Cornell CC Carter is back with new music. And this time he brought his longtime friend, Grammy-winning producer Narada Michael Walden, to bring “I’d Rather Dance with You.” The song, which the pair wrote together, centers on what Soul