The Pulse of Entertainment: Brian Thomas Releases Debut ‘On the Bone’ | Listen

Trombonist Brian Thomas releases solo debut ‘On the Bone.’ * “I had written so much for other projects…thought it was time,” said Soul/Jazz trombonist Brian Thomas about his solo debut “On the Bone” featuring Johnny Trama (guitar), Darby Wolf (organ), Tom Arey (drummer), and Yahuba Garcia-Torres (percussionist), with special guest Mike Tucker (sax) and Scott Mayo

Con Artist Breaks Into Cali Home, Changes Locks, and Creates ‘Fake Lease’ – Angela Bassett Makes Brian Tyree Henry Tear Up + More | Videos

Con artist Devund Tinson aka David Cunningham. Twitter *Social Heat got us ready to tussle. Serial con artist Devund Tinson aka David Cunningham dared to break into Inglewood, CA home as a squatter and change the locks on the property. He even went as far as to create a fraudulent lease to show police authorities.