Part 1: Following the science: 1.5 degrees celsius is a crucial benchmark—a world at stake, a world to gain

By Frank Dexter Brown, Special to the AFRO Question and AnswerDurban, Birmingham, Cape TownAtlanta, Johannesburg, WattsThe earth around. Struggling, fightingDying—for what?A world to gainGroping, hoping,Waiting—for what?A world to gain.Dreams kicked asunder, why not go under?There’s a world to gain.But suppose I don’t want itWhy take it?To remake it. —Langston Hughes’ Question and Answer,” publishedin Panther


What is climate justice?

By Maya Richard-Craven, Word in Black Narratives surrounding climate change are often cloaked in Whiteness.  For years, it’s been presented as a “White” issue, further perpetuating the idea that Black folk are removed from the environment, despite experiencing the brunt of its impacts.  The legacy of colonization, and its role in climate change, has also