Potential end to a monthslong strike that ground Hollywood to a halt: It’s Over! Writers Guild and Studios Reach Tentative Deal | VIDEO

*Los Angeles (CNN) — The major film and television studios and striking writers reached a tentative agreement on Sunday after days of marathon negotiating sessions, the Writers Guild of America said Sunday evening, paving a path forward to end the historic work stoppage that has frozen production and paralyzed much of Hollywood. “What we have


Embracing Identity & Breaking Barriers with ‘Cassandro’ Director Roger Ross Williams | EURExclusiveWATCH

*Some stories aren’t just meant to entertain; they are meant to inspire and challenge societal norms. Director Roger Ross Williams’ directorial debut film, “Cassandro,” does precisely that. The film brings to life the remarkable story of Saúl Armendáriz, an openly gay amateur wrestler from El Paso, Texas, who rises to international stardom as Cassandro, the