Parasite detected in Baltimore drinking water

By Tashi McQueenAFRO Political The Baltimore City Department of Public Works (DPW) announced on Sept. 28 their discovery of Cryptosporidium (Crypto), a microscopic parasite, in the Druid Lake Reservoir. This discovery has impacted parts of Baltimore City, Baltimore County and Howard County. “Monthly, DPW collects samples both at Ashburton and Druid Lake Reservoirs and

PRESS ROOM: Pepco and Exelon’s Racial Equity Capital Fund announces $2.7 million in investments to four local, minority-owned businesses in the District and Maryland

In 2022, Exelon, Pepco’s parent company, launched the RECF in partnership with RockCreek, one of the largest diverse-owned global-operated investment firms. This initiative aims to enhance financial opportunities for diverse businesses so they can create more jobs, grow their companies and reinvest in their neighborhoods and communities. The fund, totaling $36 million, offers affordable capital

Raising awareness and reducing stigma about ADHD

By Mylika ScatliffeAFRO Women’s Health Writer Peyton Cain, 14, of Glen Burnie, Md., was in second grade, when her teacher noticed she was having trouble staying focused in class.  “She mentioned it was really hard for Peyton to stay on task,” said Teri Cain, Peyton’s mother. “She would easily distract herself. If she saw another

National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month: Addressing this public health crisis with a holistic and family focused approach

By Mylika Scatliffe, AFRO Women’s Health Writer What is obesity?  According to the Oxford English dictionary obesity is “the condition in which excess fat has accumulated in the body, mostly in the subcutaneous tissues.”   The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defines obesity as an adult with a body mass index (BMI) of 30

Online Personality ‘Boopac Shakur,’ Known for Exposing Alleged Sexual Predators, Shot and Killed in Michigan | VIDEO

Boopac Shakur (Robert Wayne Lee) – GoFundMe *(CNN) — Known online as “Boopac Shakur, a Michigan man who claimed to expose alleged child predators online for his thousands of social media followers was shot and killed after confronting two teenagers late Friday night, according to police. Boopac Shakur, real name Robert Wayne Lee, 40, would pose