Who’s being held accountable for the cause and effect of today’s homelessness crisis?: Linking Predatory Loans, Homelessness, and the Dodd-Frank Law

Homeless – Depositphotos [Author’s Note: The “Godfrey Law,” as previously reported in error, did not emanate from Susman Godfrey LLP. It should have read the “Dodd-Frank Law.” Due to haste and confirmation bias, research took a wrong turn on the strength of one of Susman Godfrey’s successful cases involving mortgage-backed securities that had nothing to do

Willow Smith Bares Breasts to Promote New Single

Willow Smith attends the premiere of Disney’s “Aladdin” on May 21, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.(Getty Images North America) *Willow Smith posted a topless photo on social media to announce her forthcoming single “Symptom of Life.” The image shows Willow wearing only jeans, confidently displaying her toned abs while subtly concealing her bare breasts. “my