Developing Multiple Health Conditions, Including Cancer, Linked to Ultra-processed Foods

*(CNN) — Eating higher amounts of ultra-processed food raises the risk of being diagnosed with multimorbidity, or having multiple chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer, a new study found. “What is particularly significant in this large study is that eating more ultra-processed foods, in particular animal products and sweetened beverages, was linked


UpSurge Baltimore names new CEO

By Megan Sayles, AFRO Business Writer, UpSurge Baltimore, a start-up ecosystem builder and investment engine, named Kory Bailey as its CEO on Nov. 7. Bailey formerly served as the organization’s chief ecosystem and relationship officer.  He replaces Jamie McDonald and is UpSurge’s first Black CEO.  “It’s always a challenge to succeed the founder of


PRESS ROOM: Washington Association of Black Journalists presents its second annual Special Honors & Scholarship Gala

By Special Press Release Washington, D.C. – The Washington Association of Black Journalists’ (WABJ) annual Special Honors & Scholarship Gala is back — this time at the Armour J. Blackburn University Center on the campus of Howard University on Saturday, Dec. 2. The event starts at 6 p.m. This year’s gala honors eight distinguished professionals


Ariyana Abroad: on the road to Ghana

By Ariyana Griffin, Special to the AFRO In Los Angeles, where I am originally from, we have a small subsection called Leimert Park Village – aka Africatown. The pavement is engraved with Adinkra symbols. African drum sessions take over the streets and Black owned businesses occupy the buildings. It is a place where we can


Florida center says ‘Grey Team’ technology, exercise help veterans overcome PTSD and other aliments

By Terry Spencer, The Associated Press Before Fred Kalfon began exercising at the Grey Team veterans center months ago, the 81-year-old rarely left his Florida home. Parkinson’s disease, an inner ear disorder and other neurological problems, all likely caused by the Vietnam vet’s exposure to the infamous defoliant Agent Orange, made it difficult for him