It’s time to ‘go beyond grades’

By Tracie Potts, Word in Black New York’s Times Square is famous for its neon ads promoting anything from Broadway shows to consumer electronics and fancy cars. But this past month, there was a different kind of message among the sea of lights — an important appeal to parents: 90 percent of NYC parents think


A Beginner’s Guide to Opening a Small Business

Photo: southworks via 123RF Have you ever considered starting your own business? The Commerce Insitute notes, “data from the U.S. Census Bureau shows an average of 4.4 million businesses are started every year.” Many people start a small business because they want to be their own boss or are dissatisfied working for someone else, particularly in corporate


Want more black creatives? Stop cutting arts funding

By Marissa Gutierrez-Vicario, Word in Black On Inauguration Day in January 2021, many were left spellbound by Amanda Gorman’s “The Hill We Climb.” As the youngest inaugural poet and first national youth poet laureate, Gorman’s words were both poignant and powerful.  However, as the social media buzz surrounding her delivery began to subside, a critical


Small Business Owners – Catalysts for Economic Growth

Sponsored content from JPMorgan Chase & Co. Almost half of all U.S. employees work for small businesses, defined as companies with fewer than 500 employees, and a staggering 99 percent of all U.S. companies fall under the “small business” designation, according to the Small Business Association. Entrepreneurship can be a stepping stone to wealth generation.


Jason Crabb Releases “Good Morning Mercy” EP: Stream here!

GRAMMY® award-winning singer/songwriter, Jason Crabb has released his highly anticipated EP, Good Morning Mercy, available today. Click here to Download/Stream EP. This collection of powerful songs showcases Crabb’s undeniable talent and delivers a powerful message of hope, redemption, and gratitude. With his remarkable vocals and soul-stirring lyrics, Crabb once again proves why he is one