Col3trane Releases New Song ‘Simp’

R&B stylist Col3trane sees nothing wrong with being a “Simp” on his new song. Over a hyperactive beat, Col3trane sells that he is stingy about his significant other and dares anyone to challenge it. Col3trane tells Rated R&B that he’s wanted to make a song titled “Simp” for quite some time, mainly “because it’s just


20 Songs With Ostinato

An ostinato is a repeating musical phrase that provides the foundation for a piece of music. This musical device can take many forms, from a simple bass line to a complex rhythm pattern, and it is a staple of many different musical styles. From classical to pop, rock to hip hop, ostinati have been used


20 Songs About Bowling

Bowling is a classic American pastime that has been enjoyed by people of all ages for decades. From the sound of the ball hitting the pins to the thrill of rolling a strike, there’s something special about a day at the lanes. Throughout the years, many musicians have celebrated the sport of bowling in their