LaTocha Is No Longer Afraid: Interview

LaTocha Scott’s solo career began at an early age. Growing up, she had a church choir director, Mary Sims, affectionately known as Sister Sims, encourage those talents. “She put me on the program and gave me a song called ‘I Made a Vow,’” LaTocha tells Rated R&B, seated in front of a piano, dressed in


Bethel Music Announces 2023 Worship School

This summer, Bethel Music Worship School will take place in Redding, CA from July 17-21. The renowned and much anticipated event, which began over two decades ago, is an opportunity for passionate worshipers, leaders, songwriters, musicians, and creatives to come together to grow, learn, and expand their craft. This year guest speakers Bill Johnson and


10 Best Buddy Holly Songs of All Time

Buddy Holly was a pioneer of rock and roll music in the late 1950s, with his unique vocal style and catchy guitar riffs influencing countless artists that came after him. Despite his tragic death at the young age of 22 in a plane crash in 1959, Holly’s music has continued to resonate with audiences around