JAI Unleashes Highly Anticipated Single with Story Collective ‘God Like You’ Featuring 1NE Chance | LISTEN

JAI *In a groundbreaking collaboration, the exceptionally talented singer, songwriter, and recording artist Jai has partnered with Story Records, in association with Think/Capitol CMG, Inc., to present their eagerly awaited new single called “God Like You,” featuring the phenomenal 1ne Chance. Hailing from the vibrant and eclectic music scene of Atlanta, Georgia, Jai has firmly


Sources Says Jeezy’s Reason for Divorcing Jeannie Mai Was Due To ‘Different Views’ – Megan Thee Stallion Teases New Album & More | PicsVideos

Jeezy Photo Credit: M Y E I S H A/Instagram *Jeezy, real name Jay Jenkins, dropped some images of himself posing in front of a Mercedes-Benz and captioned his pictures, “Too focused on who I’m becoming to focus on who’s not coming with me .” The images were uploaded the same day news broke of


Internet Troll Charleston White Offers $20K to First Player Who Injures Deion Sanders’ Son Shedeur | WATCH

Shedeur Sanders, Colorado Buffaloes. (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images) *Controversial internet troll Charleston White sparked outrage after offering $20,000 to any college football player who injures Shedeur Sanders, the son of coach Deion Sanders.  White made the shocking statement in a viral video because he remains bitter over Sanders’ decision to leave Jackson State University


Herb Alpert ‘Slow Down’ – LISTEN

“Slow Down” is the latest single from Herb Alpert’s new album, Wish Upon A Star. The track was written and produced by Herb and his longtime collaborator, fellow Smooth Jazz artist and keyboardist Jeff Lorber. The upbeat, funky groove is grounded in Lorber’s syncopated comping while Herb’s trumpet melodies soar high above. Lorber interjects with soulful interludes on both


10 Famous Singers from Kentucky

Kentucky, known for its rolling bluegrass hills and rich cultural heritage, has produced a remarkable array of talent throughout its history. From the heartland of America emerges a state with a deep-rooted connection to music, birthing some of the most iconic voices in the world of entertainment. In this article, we embark on a melodious


10 Famous Singers from Maryland

Maryland, often hailed as the “Old Line State” for its historical significance, has been a cradle of talent and artistic expression for generations. In the realm of music, this East Coast gem has produced a remarkable array of voices that have resonated across the world. From the bustling streets of Baltimore to the picturesque landscapes


10 Famous Singers from Maine

Maine, often celebrated for its rugged coastline, picturesque landscapes, and vibrant seafood culture, is not just a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and seafood aficionados. This charming northeastern state has also given birth to a multitude of talented individuals who have graced the world with their melodious voices. In this article, we embark on a musical


10 Famous Singers from Louisiana

Louisiana, often referred to as the birthplace of jazz, is a musical hotbed renowned for its vibrant culture and rich musical heritage. This Southern state has produced a remarkable array of musical talent that has left an indelible mark on the global music scene. In this article, we will take a harmonious journey through the