New Zealand Authorities Seize 3.2 Tonnes of Cocaine Found Drifting in the Pacific Ocean – It’s Enough to Service NZ for 30 Years | VIDEO

*A joint effort by police, customs, and the NZ Defence Force this week resulted in the seizing of 3.2 tonnes of cocaine that was found floating adrift in the Pacific Ocean. Dubbed “Operation Hydros,” the joint effort cast a dragnet and the catch was 81 bales of cocaine — enough to service New Zealand for


Paul Brown – 7 and 7

Lifted from Paul Brown’s ninth solo project ‘Promised Land’ the swaggering ‘7 and 7’ finds him in superb collaboration with the always-excellent Euge Groove. Of course it was in 2000 that Brown part produced Groove’s eponymous debut CD and although the rest is history it is interesting to reflect how Brown’s career has gradually moved