Brandy Sang Down Her Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Performance – Teyana Taylor Tells Her Fans to Mind Yo’ Business + More | PicVIDEOs

Brandy Photo Credit: Instagram/Brandy *Brandy (government name Brandy Rayana Norwood) shared pictures and her Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade performance on the Brach’s candy float. She captioned the images, “I pray everyone had a beautiful day of being thankful and remembering to count your blessings. Happy Thanksgiving.” Check out her vocals below. Teyana Taylor requests her fans


Ashleigh Smith ‘I Can’t Help It’ – LISTEN

The title of singer-songwriter Ashleigh Smith’s new single, “I Can’t Help It,” aligns with her identity as an artist. Her recordings are unapologetic and unabashed amalgams of straight-ahead jazz cadences and soulful R&B grooves with sophisticated pop appeal that when knitted together, result in genre-defying tracks best labeled modern vocal jazz. Her newly released TopCat Records single is


15 Best Electronic Music Songs of All Time

Electronic music songs, the vibrant and innovative offspring of technology and artistic ingenuity, redefine the boundaries of sonic expression. Emerging from the electronic experimentation of the mid-20th century, this genre has evolved into a kaleidoscopic spectrum of sounds, rhythms, and textures. At its essence, electronic music harnesses synthesizers, drum machines, and digital wizardry to craft