Andrea x Matteo x Virginia Bocelli ‘A Family Christmas (Deluxe Edition)’ Out Now

Internationally renowned tenor Andrea Bocelli teams up with his 26-year-old son Matteo Bocelliand his 11-year-old daughter Virginia Bocelli to release A Family Christmas (Deluxe Edition) via Decca / Capitol Records. Available HERE in digital, CD and black standard vinyl formats, the deluxe edition includes four brand new holiday recordings plus six bonus tracks. See below


10 Famous Singers from Maryland

Maryland, a state rich in cultural diversity and historical significance, has been a breeding ground for exceptional musical talent. Its musical landscape echoes the soulful rhythms of jazz, the heartfelt lyrics of R&B, and the energetic beats of hip-hop. From the streets of Baltimore to the shores of Chesapeake Bay, Maryland has produced some of


10 Famous Singers from Maine

Maine, often referred to as the “Pine Tree State,” is a picturesque and rugged region located in the northeastern United States. Known for its stunning coastline, pristine wilderness areas, and maritime heritage, Maine offers a unique blend of natural beauty and New England charm. Portland, the largest city in Maine, is a bustling coastal hub


10 Famous Singers from Louisiana

Louisiana, known as the “Pelican State,” is a vibrant and culturally rich region located in the southeastern United States. Famous for its lively music scene, distinctive cuisine, and unique blend of cultures, Louisiana offers a one-of-a-kind experience for residents and visitors. New Orleans, the largest city in Louisiana, is a cultural mecca known for its


10 Famous Singers from Kentucky

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10 Famous Singers from Kansas

Kansas, often referred to as the “Sunflower State,” is a diverse and historically significant state located in the heart of the United States. Known for its expansive prairies, friendly communities, and rich cultural heritage, Kansas embodies the spirit of the American Midwest. Topeka, the state capital, is known for its historic sites, including the Brown


Samoht’s New Album ‘Amor’ Marks His Earnest: Stream

Alt-soul singer and songwriter Samoht has returned with his new album, Amor. The 13-track effort, released independently, includes previously shared songs “Moonlight,” “Pool,” and “Sexy & You Know It.” Samoht expresses his love for his partner through various emotional states, including devotion (“Emergency”), sexual desire (“Azz”), and seeking forgiveness after conflict (“Belong 2 U”). Two