Ronald Isley Launches Spirits Brand Liquid Gold

Ronald Isley is embarking on a new business venture. The legendary singer and frontman of The Isley Brothers has launched a new spirits brand aptly named Ronald Isley Liquid Gold.  At this time, there are two products under the newly-formed company: Liquid Gold Vodka and XO Contagious Brandy. The craft vodka is distilled five times


LAYA Releases New Song ‘F’d Up’

LAYA isn’t here for the shenanigans. Her new single “F’d Up” echoes this sentiment. Over a spirited production, helmed by Paul Chadwick Norman and ORA Sounds, LAYA tells off folks who continue to press her buttons. Speaking on her new single, LAYA shares, “You ever have somebody try you? Tried you so hard and they


PARTYNEXTDOOR Shares New Song ‘Resentment’

PARTYNEXTDOOR has returned with a new song, “Resentment,” his second release of the year.  The self-produced track will appear on his upcoming album, PARTYNEXTDOOR 4, arriving later this summer. “What be goin’ through your mind? / Stayin’ out past five / And you know you gon’ get checked for it / Respect’s what I need, but don’t


10 Famous Singers from Tennessee

Tennessee, often referred to as the “Volunteer State,” has a rich musical heritage that has shaped the landscape of various genres. From country to blues, rock to gospel, Tennessee has been home to numerous iconic singers who have left an indelible mark on the music industry. Nashville, the state’s capital, is widely recognized as the


10 Famous Singers from Virginia

Virginia, a state rich in history and culture, has also been a significant contributor to the music industry, nurturing talented singers who have left a lasting impact. From various genres, these singers have emerged from Virginia, showcasing their exceptional vocal abilities and artistic prowess. In the realm of rhythm and blues, Virginia has produced legendary


10 Famous Singers from Washington

Washington, the Evergreen State, has a rich musical heritage and has been home to a diverse array of talented singers who have made their mark on the music industry. From Seattle’s grunge scene to the vibrant music communities across the state, Washington has cultivated a thriving and influential music scene. Seattle, in particular, holds a


10 Famous Singers from Wisconsin

Wisconsin, also known as the Badger State, has a rich musical heritage and has been home to a diverse range of talented singers who have made their mark on the music industry. From various genres and styles, these singers from Wisconsin have captivated audiences with their unique voices and memorable performances. In the realm of


10 Famous Singers from Wyoming

Wyoming, the Cowboy State, is a land of vast open spaces, majestic mountains, and untamed beauty that has inspired a collection of songs capturing its rugged charm and unique character. From country anthems to folk ballads, the songs about Wyoming transport listeners to its sweeping landscapes and evoke a sense of adventure, solitude, and connection