10 Best Mary Wells Songs of All Time

Mary Wells was one of the most important artists of the Motown era, with a string of hits that helped establish the legendary label as a force in the music industry. Her powerful voice and soulful delivery made her one of the most beloved singers of her time, and her songs continue to inspire new


10 Best Busta Rhymes Songs of All Time

Busta Rhymes is a legendary rapper who has been a prominent figure in the hip-hop scene for over three decades. With his energetic and fast-paced flow, Busta Rhymes has become known for his unique style and ability to captivate audiences with his powerful lyrics. He has released numerous albums over the years and has collaborated


10 Best Ash Songs of All Time

Ash is a Northern Irish alternative rock band that has been captivating music fans since the early 1990s. The band consists of Tim Wheeler on guitar and vocals, Mark Hamilton on bass guitar, and Rick McMurray on drums. With their unique blend of punk, pop, and rock influences, Ash has produced a vast catalog of


10 Best Marilyn Manson Songs of All Time

Marilyn Manson, the controversial American musician and performer, has been a significant figure in the rock and metal music scene since the early 1990s. Known for his dark and provocative lyrics, theatrical stage presence, and unique fashion sense, Manson has amassed a legion of fans worldwide. His music often explores themes of alienation, self-destruction, and


10 Best The Coral Songs of All Time

The Coral is a British indie rock band that first emerged in the early 2000s. Known for their eclectic sound and catchy hooks, the band has released numerous albums and has garnered a dedicated fan base. With over two decades of music-making under their belt, The Coral has produced a vast and impressive discography, featuring

Young children, the head of their school and its custodian. These are the victims of the Nashville school shooting – CNN

Young children, the head of their school and its custodian. These are the victims of the Nashville school shooting  CNN Nashville school shooting: Audrey Hale police bodycams released  Fox News How many children have to die like those in Nashville before the US changes its gun laws?  The Independent Nashville TV reporter reveals on air she’s a school