ECPA Announces 2024 Christian Book Award Winners

Last night in Chicago during the ECPA Leadership Summit, the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA) announced the 15 winners of the 2024 Christian Book Award program, including the Christian Book of the Year. Presented annually since 1978, the Christian Book Award program honors the “best of the year” in Christian literature.


The Haunting Last Moments of Frank E. Tyson in Ohio Police Custody Resonate w/Familiar Cry ‘I Can’t Breathe!’ | WATCH

*The legal representation for the family of Frank E. Tyson, the Ohio man who passed away while in police custody has been secured, and as the bodycam footage emerges, parallels to George Floyd’s tragic demise are uncanny,” observed a commentator. Tyson’s final words, echoing Floyd’s haunting refrain, “I can’t breathe,” have stirred fresh outrage and


The Pulse of Entertainment: Afrobeat’s Young Jonn Releases ‘Jiggy Forever’ Featuring Sean Paul | WATCH

Afrobeat’s Young Jonn releases debut album ‘Jiggy Forever’ (Chocolate City Music). *“I was just in the studio vibing,” said Afrobeat superstar Young Jonn aka Jiggy about his newest single “Big Big Things” off of his debut album “Jiggy Forever” (Chocolate City Music) – released this month. “ …was sent the beats, and that was the


10 Famous Singers from Arkansas

Arkansas is home to a diverse and dynamic community of artists who draw inspiration from the state’s rich cultural heritage, natural beauty, and unique sense of place. These artists work across a variety of mediums and disciplines, including visual arts, music, literature, theater, and crafts, showcasing the breadth and depth of creative talent within the


10 Famous Singers from Delaware

Delaware artists reflect the diverse cultural landscape and rich history of the state. From the tranquil beaches of the Delaware Bay to the bustling cities of Wilmington and Dover, artists draw inspiration from the natural beauty, historic landmarks, and vibrant communities that define Delaware. In the realm of visual arts, Delaware artists explore a wide


10 Famous Singers from Connecticut

Connecticut artists embody the rich cultural tapestry and diverse creative expressions found within the state. From the picturesque coastal towns of Long Island Sound to the rolling hills of the Litchfield Hills and the urban landscapes of cities like Hartford and New Haven, Connecticut’s artists draw inspiration from a variety of sources. In the realm


10 Famous Singers from Colorado

Colorado artists are emblematic of the state’s diverse landscapes and vibrant cultural scene. From the towering peaks of the Rocky Mountains to the sweeping plains and bustling urban centers, Colorado’s artists draw inspiration from the state’s natural beauty, rich history, and dynamic communities. In the realm of visual arts, Colorado artists explore a wide range