Drake Shoves Fan Off Stage Calls Security ‘Slow’ – Megan Thee Stallion Clears Up Speculation About Justin Timberlake & More | PicsVIDEOs

Drake (Paul R Giunta-Invision-AP) *A fan jumped on stage while Drake spoke with the Austin, Texas crowd, causing Champagne Papi to shove the young man. In full Bon Qui Qui mode, Drake called for security because they were not securing his safety. Eventually, one guard strolled up the stairs and grabbed the fan, displeasing the


Dollar Stores Are Hurting Financial Health of Chicago’s Urban Communities

*Dollar Tree and Dollar General stores are hurting the financial health of Chicago’s South and West sides, according to Crain’s Chicago Business. Despite being convenient, such stores aren’t Black-owned, which means the money spent by locals doesn’t stay in the neighborhood. Full-service grocery stores are severely lacking in these same areas. “[Those stores] take resources