LISTEN: Medlye Debuts New Song “Knocking”

Christo-conscious singer, Medlye is out with a brand new single “Knocking,” available today on music streaming platforms. Speaking about the inspiration behind the song, Medlye said; “It was in the place of deep thoughts about the ongoing mental health challenges growing vastly all over the globe, how people no longer believe in cooperate help (Love)


Jorja Smith Announces New Album ‘Falling or Flying’

Grammy-nominated singer Jorja Smith has announced her sophomore album, Falling or Flying, arrives Sept. 29 via FAMM. Smith’s forthcoming album, Falling or Flying, was recorded in Walsall, England, her hometown, alongside elusive producer DAMEDAME* for over two years. “This album is like my brain. There’s always so much going on but each song is definitely


H.E.R. Releases Encouraging Song ‘The Journey’

H.E.R. is back. The Grammy-winning and Oscar-winning musician has officially released “The Journey,” written by the legendary Diane Warren. As empowering and thoughtful as her previous releases, “The Journey” allows H.E.R.’s titanic vocals to soar effortlessly over the cinematic,  uplighting backdrop of piano, drums and electronic guitar. H.E.R. uses this perseverance anthem to remind listeners