Korporate releases new single “Zelle”

On January 20, Chicago’s viral entertainer, Korporate released their new single, “Zelle” on YouTube and all the usual streaming platforms. “Zelle” was artfully shot in Times Square, New York and produced by D Brooks. In this single, Korporate serenades his bae on what he can offer her – in his own signature satirical style. “Zelle”


Khemistry releases new single “Don’t Stay Mad”

On January 14, the talented R&B quartet, Khemistry released their debut single, “Don’t Stay Mad” on YouTube and all the usual streaming platforms. Khemistry’s musical vision is based on delivering the emotion, storytelling and harmonies of 90s-influence R&B. Their lyrics and storytelling focuses on themes of love, emotion and heartache. Their music is influenced by