Ewwww! Ray J Was Pooped on During Sex – NBAer Cam Thomas Fined $40K for Saying ‘No Homo’ On Live TV + Baddies Go At it | WATCH

Spencer Dinwiddie & Cam Thomas – IG screenshot *Welcome to today’s Social Heat which is – needless to say – super hot! Brooklyn Nets guard Cam Thomas has got to give up a whopping $40,000 after being fined for using “derogatory and disparaging language during a live television interview,” the NBA announced Friday. Thomas was


20 of the Best Tyler Childers Songs

Tyler Childers is an American country singer-songwriter who has established himself as one of the most unique and talented voices in the genre. Over the course of his career, Childers has earned a reputation for his raw, authentic lyrics and his ability to craft stories that are both personal and universal. His songs draw upon