Khalid Releases New Single ‘Satellite’

Khalid is laser-focused on someone special, describing their connection on his new song “Satellite.” The El Paso, Texas, native glides on nylon-string guitar strokes, coated in spaghetti-western whistles and drums, to sing about a particular someone he can’t stop thinking of. “You’re like a satellite / Crossing through my mind / It always leads me


Jordan Hawkins Shares New Song ‘Play’

Jordan Hawkins is a guitar maestro. The R&B newcomer best demonstrates love for his chosen instrument on the scorching new song “Play,” which he co-produced with Reef Cole and Aja Grant of Phony Ppl.  Blending smoky piano notes, a squealing electric guitar and live drums, a captivated Hawkins sings about a muse that caresses the right