Ukraine War Updates: Russian Evacuation Orders in Zaporizhzhia Sow Confusion – The New York Times

Ukraine War Updates: Russian Evacuation Orders in Zaporizhzhia Sow Confusion  The New York Times Russia evacuates Ukraine region that holds Europe’s largest nuclear plant  Fox News Operations suspended at Ukraine nuclear plant in case of ‘provocations’ – TASS  Reuters Confusion in Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia Region as Russia Issues Evacuation Order  The New York Times Russian forces lash out indiscriminately as


LaTocha Is No Longer Afraid: Interview

LaTocha Scott’s solo career began at an early age. Growing up, she had a church choir director, Mary Sims, affectionately known as Sister Sims, encourage those talents. “She put me on the program and gave me a song called ‘I Made a Vow,’” LaTocha tells Rated R&B, seated in front of a piano, dressed in


Reggie Becton Is a Sadboy: Interview

Reggie Becton doesn’t just endure uncomfortable situations; he thrives in them. “I’m really big on discomfort and how it allows you to push past your own limitations,” Becton tells Rated R&B on a sunny April afternoon over Zoom. He’s reminiscing on his bold decision to relocate from Prince George’s County, Maryland, to Los Angeles, California