Khalid Releases New Song ‘Softest Touch’

Khalid has returned with “Softest Touch,” his first solo song release of the year. He co-wrote the track, while Vaughn Oliver, Nico Stadi and Blake Straus co-produced it. The plush artwork design for Khalid’s comeback track is less indicative of the seasons for which it’s intended to be heard. Actually, if Khalid’s “Softest Touch” indicates


Chlöe’s Debut Album ‘In Pieces’ Is Here: Listen

Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Chlöe has released her debut album, In Pieces, via Parkwood Entertainment/Columbia Records. The album has been in the works for many years, undergoing a title change and scrapping a streak of singles, including the platinum-selling “Have Mercy.” In a lengthy Instagram post, Chlöe shared the significance behind the album. “IN PIECES is for