10 Best Tammy Wynette Songs of All Time

Tammy Wynette was an American country music singer and songwriter who is widely regarded as one of the most influential and successful female country artists of all time. Born in Mississippi in 1942, Wynette began her music career in the 1960s and quickly gained recognition for her powerful vocals and emotionally charged lyrics. Wynette’s music


10 Best John Fogerty Songs of All Time

John Fogerty is an American singer, songwriter, and musician who is best known for his work as the lead vocalist and guitarist of the band Creedence Clearwater Revival. Born in California in 1945, Fogerty began his music career in the 1960s and quickly gained recognition for his distinctive voice and powerful guitar playing. Fogerty’s music


10 Best Frank Sinatra Songs of All Time

Frank Sinatra, also known as “Ol’ Blue Eyes,” was an American singer, actor, and producer who is widely regarded as one of the greatest singers of all time. Born in New Jersey in 1915, Sinatra began his music career in the 1930s and quickly became a sensation for his smooth vocals and his unique phrasing.


Mistrust Is Ripping America Apart

By Janice Ellis, St. Louis American On an almost daily basis we are confronted with the choice of continuing to believe in the role, value and integrity of our government or conclude that it is irretrievably broken. At a minimum we must seriously ask: Are we at risk of succumbing to what appears to be


State officials, NAACP say placing proposed FBI headquarters in P.G. County could significantly impact lives of Black residents

By Tashi McQueen, AFRO Political Writer, tmcqueen@afro.com Efforts to bring a large-scale opportunity for equity and economic advancement to Prince George’s County have begun again under the new administration of Maryland Gov. Wes Moore. “Gov. Moore has made this his number one federal issue,” Matthew Verghese, the governor’s senior advisor and director of federal relations


D.C. council members fight food insecurity in schools as pandemic measures for K-12 students expire

By Hadiya Presswood, Special to the AFRO D.C. Council members introduced a bill to provide “free universal school breakfast, lunch and after-school snacks to students in public, charter and participating private schools in the District of Columbia” earlier this year. The Universal Free School Meals Amendment Act of 2023, or B25-0035, proposes that public charter

Turkey faces runoff election as Erdogan survives first test – Reuters

Turkey faces runoff election as Erdogan survives first test  Reuters Millions of Turks are headed to the polls in what is set to be Turkey’s most consequential election.  CNBC International Live updates: Turkey’s crucial election heading to runoff  CNN Why all eyes are on the Turkey elections  Hindustan Times Erdogan and Kilicdaroglu cast votes in Turkey  Reuters View Full Coverage