Thema Bryant, president of the American Psychological Association, wants psychologists to become more culturally competent

By Mylika Scatliffe, AFRO Women’s Health Writer Psychology hasn’t always been available to communities of color, especially Black people. Dr. Thema Bryant wants that to change. Elected president of the American Psychological Association for 2023, her vision is to expand access to psychological care for all people. According to information released by the APA, Bryant’s


The countries where population is declining – Euronews

The countries where population is declining  Euronews China’s population is shrinking. The impact will be felt around the world  CNN What can China do with India set to become world’s most populous nation?  South China Morning Post China’s decline became undeniable — now what?  The Seattle Times …A shrinking, aging China may have backed itself into a corner  Deccan Herald


Stephen A. Smith Back Pedals Comments About RiRi – Dissed MLK Monument’s Creator Says Deal with it + More | WATCH

*Social Heat is pretty spicy. Stephen A. Smith backtracked the messy comments he made on the “Sherri” talk show about Rihanna‘s planned 2023 Super Bowl performance and also blamed the supposed gaffe on his social media management team. The Blacklash (we know the correct spelling, it stays) was fast and furious, with many thinking Jay-Z