20 Songs With Ostinato

An ostinato is a repeating musical phrase that provides the foundation for a piece of music. This musical device can take many forms, from a simple bass line to a complex rhythm pattern, and it is a staple of many different musical styles. From classical to pop, rock to hip hop, ostinati have been used


20 Songs About Bowling

Bowling is a classic American pastime that has been enjoyed by people of all ages for decades. From the sound of the ball hitting the pins to the thrill of rolling a strike, there’s something special about a day at the lanes. Throughout the years, many musicians have celebrated the sport of bowling in their


20 Songs About Time Passing

Time is a subject that has been explored in music for many decades. Whether it’s about the passage of time in a person’s life or the changing of the seasons, time is a constant reminder of our own mortality. The “Top 20 Songs About Time Passing” highlights some of the most poignant and thought-provoking songs


20 Songs With Laura in the Title

The name “Laura” has been a source of inspiration for many musicians throughout the decades, with countless songs being written in tribute to this timeless and evocative name. From classic pop and French chanson to haunting instrumental pieces and rousing punk rock anthems, the Top 20 Songs with Laura in the Title offer a wide