Songs about Honesty

Honesty is a fundamental value that is essential for healthy relationships, both personal and professional. It is the foundation of trust, and without it, relationships can quickly deteriorate. Honesty is not always easy, it takes courage to be truthful, and it is often easier to avoid difficult conversations or to sugarcoat the truth. However, when


Khemistry releases new single “Don’t Stay Mad”

On January 14, the talented R&B quartet, Khemistry released their debut single, “Don’t Stay Mad” on YouTube and all the usual streaming platforms. Khemistry’s musical vision is based on delivering the emotion, storytelling and harmonies of 90s-influence R&B. Their lyrics and storytelling focuses on themes of love, emotion and heartache. Their music is influenced by


Robin Thicke Teases Ninth Album

A new Robin Thicke album is underway. The Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter went to Instagram to tease that his ninth album will be released soon. “New album coming soon,” Thicke wrote in the caption for a photo of his keyboard in the foreground, with a serene view of the ocean and cotton candy sky in