Phabo Gets Tipsy Off ‘Casamigos’ on New Song

Phabo has shared another new single, “Casamigos,” co-produced by Eric Hudson, Phillip C. Lewis and Ezzra. Over a thick bassline and fuzzy drums, Phabo works through assorted superficial feelings, which involves him sipping crisp tequila and making bedroom magic with a specific interest. Singing intimately, Phabo paints clouded images of desire aided by liquor courage.


K. Michelle to Perform at 2023 CMA Fest

K. Michelle a.k.a. Puddin is set to perform at this year’s CMA Fest in Nashville, Tennessee. “I’m so humbled and excited. I’m happy to announce i’m performing TWICE this year at the historic CMA Fest This year,” she wrote in a caption for a festival poster that features her photograph. Puddin also shared why taking the


10 Famous Singers from Utah

Utah is not typically thought of as a hub for the music industry, but the state has produced several famous singers over the years. From pop and rock to folk and country, Utah has a diverse range of musical talent. One of the most successful singers from Utah is Donny Osmond, who was born in


10 Famous Singers from Texas

Texas is known for producing some of the most iconic and influential musicians in the world. From blues and country to rock and hip-hop, the Lone Star State has a rich and diverse musical heritage. One of the most legendary singers from Texas is Willie Nelson, who was born in Abbott. Nelson has been a