Coco Jones Wins First Grammy Award

Coco Jones is now a Grammy-winning artist. The singer won Best R&B Performance for her breakout single “ICU” at the 2024 Grammy Awards on Sunday. “ICU” was nominated among other solid R&B tracks, including Chris Brown’s “Summer Too Hot,” Robert Glasper’s “Back To Love” featuring SiR and Alex Isley, Victoria Monét’s “How Does It Make


Grammy Awards 2024: List of R&B Winners

The 66th Grammy Awards Premiere Ceremony was held Sunday (Feb. 4) at Peacock Theater in Los Angeles, California.  At the ceremony, hosted by Justin Tranter, many of the award winners were announced ahead of the televised Grammy ceremony, including the majority of the categories in the R&B field.  Four of the five categories in the


Ledisi Announces New Album ‘Good Life’

Ledisi is ready to celebrate the Good Life on her 11th album, hitting digital retailers on March 1 via Listen Back Entertainment/BMG. Physical copies will be available on March 15. Along with her album announcement, Ledisi has shared a new track, “Perfect Stranger,” featuring Kenny Lattimore. The romantic track was produced by Ledisi’s longtime collaborator Rex Rideout. 


15 Best French Horn Players of All Time

The French horn, with its distinctive bell and coiled tubing, has graced the world of classical and contemporary music for centuries. Renowned for its warm, mellow tones, this brass instrument has been wielded by virtuosos who have elevated its status to new heights. In the realm of the French horn, a select few have left


15 Best Flute Players of All Time

The enchanting melody of the flute has graced the realms of music for centuries, captivating audiences with its ethereal tones and timeless allure. As we embark on a journey through the annals of musical history, we find ourselves immersed in the transcendent artistry of the individuals who have elevated the flute to unparalleled heights. In


15 Best Harp Players of All Time

In the enchanting realm of music, few instruments captivate the soul and stir emotions as profoundly as the harp. With its ethereal tones and timeless elegance, the harp has found its place in various genres, from classical to contemporary, leaving an indelible mark on the musical landscape. As we embark on a journey to celebrate


15 Best Clarinet Players of All Time

The ethereal melodies and soulful timbre of the clarinet have captivated audiences for centuries, and its virtuosos have left an indelible mark on the world of music. In this exploration of the “15 Best Clarinet Players of All Time,” we embark on a journey through the annals of musical history, uncovering the mastery and innovation


15 Best Ukulele Players of All Time

The ukulele, with its whimsical charm and melodic tones, has carved a niche for itself in the world of music, transcending its humble origins in Hawaii to become a global symbol of joy and harmony. As a testament to the instrument’s versatility and universal appeal, we embark on a rhythmic journey through the annals of