Ayo Ito releases new R&B EP “Just Might”

Sultry Japanese-American R&B musician Aya Ito is releasing her debut EP “Just Might” from Thursday, December 15, 2023 on YouTube and all the usual streaming platforms. Aya Ito is a Japanese and Black American multilingual, multi-genre, Chicago based singer/songwriter. The talented young artists sings in English, Japanese, & Spanish. Aya Ito is a native of


RINI on New EP ‘Ultraviolet’: Interview

Since RINI released his first EP in 2017, he’s had been unafraid of being a heartfelt, seductive artist who brilliantly examines what engages minds, hearts and bodies want from R&B. That’s definitely the case for his latest work, Ultraviolet, released on Dec. 2.   Ultraviolet follows 2021’s Constellations, an album released on Warner Records and executive


A Major Piano Chords

A major scale is one of the most common scales used in music around the world. It is a diatonic scale, meaning it consists of seven notes, each with a specific relationship to one another. This scale is used to create melodies and progressions, and when played on the piano, it will produce a pleasing