Monica Gets Cozy With The Game in ‘Letters’ Video

Monica has released the official video for her freshly-released single “Letters.” In the Richard Selvi-directed video, rapper The Game plays Monica’s love interest, and they exchange fond looks throughout, particularly in their bubble bath scene. Elsewhere, Monica sings the record in solo scenes, one of which is accented with hanging handwritten letters. In a different part


10 Best Curtis Mayfield Songs of All Time

Curtis Mayfield, born on June 3, 1942, in Chicago, Illinois, was an American singer, songwriter, and producer who made significant contributions to soul, R&B, and funk music. Known for his silky falsetto voice, socially conscious lyrics, and innovative musical arrangements, Mayfield emerged as a powerful voice during the Civil Rights Movement and became a symbol


10 Best James Brown Songs of All Time

James Brown, born on May 3, 1933, in Barnwell, South Carolina, was an American singer, songwriter, and dancer who became known as the “Godfather of Soul.” With his electrifying stage presence, infectious rhythms, and soulful voice, Brown revolutionized the music industry and left an indelible mark on popular music. Brown’s career spanned several decades, starting


10 Best Barry White Songs of All Time

Barry White, born on September 12, 1944, in Galveston, Texas, was an American singer, songwriter, and producer known for his deep, velvety voice and romantic soul ballads. With his smooth baritone vocals and lush orchestral arrangements, White became an icon of 1970s soul music and one of the most successful artists of his time. White’s


10 Best David Ruffin Songs of All Time

David Ruffin, born on January 18, 1941, in Whynot, Mississippi, was an American soul singer and one of the lead vocalists of the legendary Motown group The Temptations. Known for his powerful and emotive voice, Ruffin’s contributions to the group helped define the Motown sound and solidify their status as one of the most successful


10 Best Waylon Jennings Songs of All Time

Waylon Jennings, born on June 15, 1937, in Littlefield, Texas, was an American country music legend. Renowned for his distinctive baritone voice, outlaw image, and rebellious spirit, Jennings played a pivotal role in shaping the outlaw country movement of the 1970s. Jennings’ career took off in the 1960s, with his early hits including “Only Daddy


10 Best Songs about West Virginia

West Virginia, a state nestled within the Appalachian Mountains, has inspired a collection of songs that capture its rugged beauty, rich heritage, and the resilient spirit of its people. From folk ballads to bluegrass tunes, the songs about West Virginia embody the essence of this captivating state. The melodies and lyrics of these songs often