Best Karaoke Songs 90s

Introduction The 90s were an amazing decade for music, and karaoke was a popular pastime. Many of the most memorable karaoke songs of that era have become classics and still bring back great memories for those who grew up in the 90s. From R&B and pop to rock, hip hop, and country, there are plenty


Best Japanese Karaoke Songs

Best Japanese Karaoke Songs are some of the most popular and sought-after songs in the world. As a nation, Japan is known for its unique culture and music, and karaoke is no exception. There are a variety of genres, from classic J-Pop to modern rock and hip-hop, that make up the best Japanese karaoke songs.


AHVE releases hot new R&B single “Sandman”

Brooklyn, New York-native, AHVE (also known as Uriel Antonio Fox) has just released his hot new single and music video, “Sandman” on YouTube and all the usual streaming platforms. The music video was directed by Hitmakerchinx and the artist. AHVE, who also produced, edited and was film colorist working with assistant camera operator, Justin Kim.


New Beyoncé Album Renaissance Tops Charts

R&B superstar Beyoncé’s new album Renaissance has become a 2022 chart topper. Queen Bey is also up for another Grammy thanks to the successful album. Beyoncé’s New Studio Album Renaissance Tops the Charts in 2022 The Queen of R&B has delighted her devoted following with her seventh studio album, Renaissance. The album now reached the