10 Famous Singers from Rhode Island

Singers from Rhode Island emanate from a state of remarkable contrasts, where historical significance meets modern creativity. Nestled in New England, Rhode Island’s coastal beauty, historic architecture, and cultural richness provide a unique backdrop for its singers. Their music often reflects the eclectic influences that converge in this small but diverse state, ranging from folk

10 Famous Singers from Pennsylvania

Singers from Pennsylvania emanate from a state steeped in a rich tapestry of history, culture, and musical heritage. From the industrial landscapes of Pittsburgh to the rolling hills of Amish country, Pennsylvania’s diverse terrain and communities serve as a wellspring of inspiration for its singers. This diversity is mirrored in their music, which spans genres


Congressional Black Caucus leaders examine national electric vehicle program and workforce development opportunities for Black contractors

By Megan Sayles, AFRO Business Writer, msayles@afro.com When President Biden signed the historic Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (ILJA) in 2021, much of the legislation addressed greener, more accessible transportation for all.  The bill not only included the largest federal, public transit investment, $89.9 billion, in U.S. history, it sets aside $7.5 billion to


AFRO spotlight on Black excellence: Meet Travis Mitchell, the HBCU-made mogul making moves in media

By Megan Sayles, AFRO Business Writer, msayles@afro.com When Travis Mitchell attended Morgan State University in 1988, his initial intention was to earn a political science degree. He also wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps of playing college basketball. He thought he’d either graduate and continue playing basketball or take up coaching. Then came his