Infinity Song Releases New EP ‘Metamorphosis’

Genre-bending sibling group Infinity Song has returned with their new EP, Metamorphosis, via Roc Nation Records. The seven-track offering includes the single, “Hater’s Anthem,” which has surpassed 1.3 million streams on Spotify. All songs, with the exception of their cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dream,” were written by Infinity Song. “Slow Burn” is among the EP’s highlights.


The business of self-care and how to budget for it 

By Megan SaylesAFRO Business Although reducing stress and promoting well-being go hand in hand for many, it’s easy to confuse the act of “self-soothing” with what is called “self-care.” The former is typically reactive and occurs when a person engages in an activity to provide instant relief for emotional, mental or physical distress. The