Over 50 years of Haitian migration to South Florida

By Jacqueline Charles, Miami Herald via The Associated Press They arrived over 50 years ago, fleeing dictatorship and death. Along the treacherous, three-week ocean journey, the seafaring Haitian asylum seekers traded their shoes for food and water in Cuba, and were briefly jailed in the Bahamas before being asked their final destination. “Miami,” they all


PRESS ROOM: University of Phoenix College of Doctoral Studies Releases Whitepaper Examining Underrepresentation of African American Women in Corporate Senior Level Leadership

By Business Wire (BUSINESS WIRE) – University of Phoenix College of Doctoral Studies has released a new whitepaper, “Narrowing the Path to C-Suite Positions,” in a collaboration between authors Alfreda Goods, DM, a fellow in the Center for Workforce Diversity and Inclusion Research (CWDIR), Adrian Allen, DBA, and Lisa K. Langford, DM, also a fellow


PRESS ROOM: NASA Postdoctoral Program seeks early career and senior scientists for prestigious fellowships at its locations across the U.S.

(BUSINESS WIRE) – NASA invites both early-career and senior scientists to explore fellowship opportunities in its postdoctoral program and share in NASA’s mission to develop advancements in science, technology, aeronautics and space exploration. The deadline to apply for this cycle of fellowships is March 1, 2023. Learn more or apply for fellowships in the NASA Postdoctoral Program (NPP). ORAU


How to Keep Your Identity Safe This Year

Photo: lightwise via 123RF Reported incidents of identity theft and fraud have seen a steady uptick, with 5.7 million cases in 2021, according to the Federal Trade Commission. The most commonly reported form of identity theft is credit card fraud, followed by government documents or benefits fraud, loan or lease fund fraud, employment or tax-related fraud, bank


Ready for our Earth shot

By Ben Jealous As we greet 2023, I’m feeling more than the typical seasonal optimism. America is primed once again for a historic achievement, call it our “Earth shot.” In the 1960s and early 1970s, the United States spent the current dollar equivalent of just under $300 billion on “landing a man on the moon