Songs about Leadership

1. “Man In The Mirror” by Michael Jackson “Man In The Mirror” by Michael Jackson is a powerful and soulful ballad that encourages listeners to take a look at themselves and strive for self-improvement. With its emotional lyrics and powerful vocal delivery, the song delivers a message of personal responsibility and self-reflection. The lyrics speak


Best Accordions

The accordion is a versatile and beloved instrument, with a rich history dating back to the early 19th century. Known for its distinctive bellows and button or keyboard layout, the accordion has been used in a wide variety of musical genres, from folk and traditional music to jazz and pop. In this article, we’ll be


Korporate releases new single “Zelle”

On January 20, Chicago’s viral entertainer, Korporate released their new single, “Zelle” on YouTube and all the usual streaming platforms. “Zelle” was artfully shot in Times Square, New York and produced by D Brooks. In this single, Korporate serenades his bae on what he can offer her – in his own signature satirical style. “Zelle”


Best of Wes

By Catherine Pugh, Special to the AFRO The inauguration of Maryland’s first African American governor was nothing short of spectacular. From the promenade of the state’s first family – Gov. Wes Moore, first lady Dawn Chante’ Flythe Moore, and children Mia and James Moore – from the pre-inauguration event to the podium, to his introduction


MARYLAND’S ‘MOORE’ PERFECT UNION: Reflections on a Historic Inauguration, King’s Dream, Democracy, and Demographics in the Divided States in Americas

By Dr. Zekeh S. Gbotokuma The Juneteenth weekend 2022 coincided with the 45th annual AFRAM Festival at Baltimore City’s Druid Hill Park. My wife Madeleine and I joined the urban community in enjoying outdoor activities that we have missed for two years due to COVID-19 draconian measures. My wife heard about Wes Moore before via


Reparations, Black unity among issues raised at debut of UN’s Permanent Forum on People of African Descent

By DaQuan Lawrence, Special to the AFRO Global reparations, recourse for the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and colonization, as well as wars and authoritarian regimes in Africa were among some of the issues raised during the inaugural session of the United Nations’  Permanent Forum on People of African Descent (PFPAD) held in Geneva, Switzerland, Dec. 5