Putin Holds Highly Choreographed Meeting With Mothers of Russian Soldiers

The televised event came amid intensifying public criticism over the conditions recent Russian conscripts have been forced to bear.

Under a Cross Atop a Shallow Grave, He Found His Father

The full extent of Russian war crimes in the city of Kherson and surrounding areas is just coming into focus. These were two of them.

Merkel Says She Lacked the Power to Dissuade Putin from Invading Ukraine

Recounting her last state visit to Moscow in August of 2021, Angela Merkel noted that President Vladimir V. Putin would not meet with her alone, as he had done in the past.

Death Toll From Indonesia Earthquake Rises to 310

The quake in Cianjur, an agricultural region in West Java, has killed 310 people and destroyed tens of thousands of homes; dozens of people are still missing.

Holiday Shopping and Inflation

We have tips for getting around higher prices this holiday shopping season.