Despite Being Paid $6M, Rihanna Facing Hate for ‘Lazy’ Performance at Indian Billionaire’s Bash | WATCH

*Critics (which is a somewhat nicer word than haters) are saying that Rihanna‘s performance lacked effort at a pre-wedding bash for Indian billionaire Anant Ambani, despite her reportedly earning over $6 million for the 90-minute appearance. One critic claimed, “She simply doesn’t care,” while another noted, “Ri is the least energetic performer out there! Even

Ozempic is on the Rise – That Could be A Problem for Food Companies | VIDEOs

 *New York (CNN) — With prescriptions for semaglutide drugs, including Wegovy and Ozempic, on the rise, food sellers are increasingly fielding questions about the possibility of a significant shift in how — or how much — people eat. The increasingly popular drugs generally work by reducing patients’ appetites. With 1.7% of America’s population prescribed

Lil Meech Talks Memorable Private Part in ‘BMF’ Sex Scene – Using ‘Different Tactics’ in Show’s Third Season | VIDEO

*As one of the mainstays of Starz’s popular crime drama “Black Mafia Family (BMF),” Lil Meech has struck a nerve portraying his father, former drug kingpin Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory. As the show’s third season, which premiered March 1, takes root on the network, fans are still reeling from the tease given, with hopes a

25 Idioms (Such As ‘Groovy’ and ‘Grass’) That were Common in the ’60s | PHOTOS

A couple dancing at a disco club in the 60s wearing typical outfits of the decade, bell bottoms and fringed vests – // Getty Images *The 1990s hit film trilogy “Austin Powers” may have reintroduced many to 1960s lingo, phrases, and idioms. In the film, a 1960s-era spy, played by comedian Mike Myers, time travels

Wait. What?! Video of Children Licking Toes at Oklahoma School Fundraiser Sparks Investigation | WATCH

*From the “what da hell were they thinking” file, a video capturing students participating in a bizarre toe-licking activity during a high school fundraiser has gained viral attention online, sparking widespread concern among parents and prompting an impending investigation. The incident occurred during a recent fundraiser at Deer Creek High School in Oklahoma, where students