Riots at Indonesian Soccer Match Leave Several Fans Dead

After the home team lost, fans rushed the field and were confronted by security officers, who used tear gas that left many struggling to breathe.

Ukraine Forces Retake Lyman, a Strategic City, as Russians Retreat

Russia’s withdrawal from the city comes one day after Moscow illegally annexed the surrounding region.

Putin Supporters Enraged By Russian Retreat From Lyman

The criticism of the Kremlin after Russia retreated from the key rail hub on Saturday came not just from pro-war commentators on social media, but from two senior allies of Mr. Putin.

Broken glass, blown-out tires and a crater show the violence of a deadly attack in Zaporizhzhia.

The strike hit a convoy of people fleeing fighting, killing at least 30.

Uganda Races to Contain a Deadly Ebola Outbreak

The outbreak was caused by the Sudan strain of the virus, which has no approved vaccine or drug treatment. Scientists are now rushing to begin clinical trials in the coming weeks.