U.N. Aid Agency Researchers Allege Abuse of Gazans in Israeli Detention

UNRWA, the aid agency for Palestinians, is preparing to publish an investigation based on testimony from more than 100 detainees that accuses Israeli troops of abuse.

Migration Through Darien

On Friday, boat companies began operating in Colombia after a five-day pause, allowing migrants to once again make their way through the notorious jungle terrain and continue toward the U.S. border.

Lack of Plan for Governing Gaza Formed Backdrop to Deadly Convoy Chaos

Israel has no clear plan for governing Gaza. That is a particular problem in the north, where the fighting has ebbed, and where a deadly stampede occurred on Thursday around an aid convoy.

Israeli Strike Near Rafah Hospital Kills at Least 11, Gaza Officials Say

Dozens of other displaced Palestinians who had been sheltering nearby were also injured, the officials said.

Vaccination Rates Dipped for Years. Now, There’s a Measles Outbreak in Britain.

After a national incident was declared in January, officials have been scrambling to address problematically low levels of immunization.