Chlöe Announces New Single ‘FYS’

Chlöe Bailey has announced her new song, “FYS,” will release this Friday (March 1) via Parkwood Entertainment/Columbia Records.  The announcement comes just a day after teasing a snippet on social media. “FYS. what do you think it means? guess right and i’ll drop,” Chlöe wrote an Instagram caption on Tuesday.  “FYS,” which stands for “f**k

TwoGether Land Festival Announces Lineup: Summer Walker, Muni Long, Kenyon Dixon and More

The organizers of ONE Musicfest have teamed up with Live Nation Urban for a new festival, TwoGether Land. The inaugural event will take place during Memorial Day weekend (May 25-26) at Fair Park in Dallas, Texas. The TwoGether Land Festival will feature performances by a mix of R&B and rap acts, including Summer Walker, Lil

Muni Long Performs ‘Made for Me’ on ‘Tonight Show’

Muni Long was the musical guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday night. The Grammy-winning singer performed her current single “Made For Me.” Clad in a blue silk suit, Long delivered a stripped-down rendition of the sentimental tune with the song’s co-producer, Jordan XL, on the piano.  Long’s performance on The Tonight Show comes on

15 Best Violin Players of All Time

Violin players, often hailed as virtuosos of their craft, possess a unique ability to evoke emotion, captivate audiences, and transport listeners to realms of beauty and expression. Whether performing as soloists, chamber musicians, or members of orchestras, violin players wield their instrument with precision, passion, and artistry. Renowned for its versatility and range, the violin

15 Best Christian Gospel Singers of All Time

Christian gospel singers are musical artists who use their voices to spread messages of faith, hope, and inspiration rooted in Christian beliefs. Through their soul-stirring performances and heartfelt lyrics, these singers touch the hearts of listeners, fostering a sense of spiritual connection and renewal. Gospel music, with its roots in African-American spirituals and hymns, serves