PSA on Covid 19 Supplements


I am a Medical Doctor speaking for a group of experienced Medical Doctors who feel that we can NO longer wait on our Government to recommend what we know to be an effective Covid prevention therapy using specific supplements or Nutraceuticals.    Review of Scientific research studies and clinical data strongly supports the use of these nutraceutical supplements that you can easily obtain.   So even though our Government has NO official recommendations regarding the use of supplements for prevention in this Pandemic – We feel this treatment protocol information should be made available to the public for you to decide:   So for all healthy individuals age 18 and older –  take  By mouth: 25 to 50 mg of Zinc a day with Quercetin 500mg to 1000mg a day.    If you are unable to take Quercetin – then take 200mg of Green tea extract per day instead.   If taking the higher dosages of the Nutraceuticals then you should take a few days off per month or off once a week to avoid any issues with side effects.

All 3 of these supplements are obtainable without a prescription and considered safe in recommended dosages and provided you do not have any known allergies or prior side effects from them.   Additionally:  if you are Pregnant or breast feeding-  you should check with your Obstetrician before starting them.  And If you have serious medical health issues especially kidney disease – then you must get medical clearance from you doctor..   As for children, check with your Pediatrician about dosages as they will vary based on age or weight.   For our Seniors over 70 or if your body weight is less than 120 lbs – take the lower amounts stated.

We also recommend taking Vitamin C 500mg to 1 gm and Vitamin D 5,000 to 10,000 IU daily – heck even Dr Fauci has gone out on a limb to make these vitamins a daily  recommendation – but his recommendations stopped there replying when asked if there are other supplements that would help fight the virus:  “The answer,to the dismay of many, is No.”

So Why these supplements?  Zinc has clearly been shown in many studies to have powerful anti-coronavirus effects within our cells.   BUT the problem with taking Zinc alone is that it’s unable to get through the cell’s protective membrane. That’s why it is ESSENTIAL to take either Quercetin or Green Tea Extract – supplements that are called ionophores – because these separate supplements can transport the Zinc across the cell membrane directly into our cells.   There Zinc works by destroying the virus from replicating and deliver a knock-out blow to the virus before it overwhelms the body and causes an infection.  And should you do contract the viral illness off these supplements – start taking these anyway as they can help reduce your viral symptoms.

We have used these supplements along with our family and friends for many months now without any report of a serious Covid infection occurring in our group of hundreds of people which includes a high number of health professionals.   And just this month a completed clinical trial using Quercetin and Vitamin C in front line health workers showed a 12 fold DECREASE in the risk of contracting a serious Covid virus infection if you took those supplements vs not taking any!   That is ASTOUNDING!

Of course, you needs to still observe ALL CDC guidelines regarding external physical measures for virus prevention – such as wearing a mask, washing your hands frequently and social distancing.   But we are sharing this information for the public to also have an internal physical measure to fight off the virus.   We can not, of course, give any guarantee that if you take these supplements you will not contract the virus or possibly get a severe Covid illness.   BUT we feel very confident your overall risk will be significantly reduced.

So why isn’t our Government Pandemic Medical Leadership giving us this protocol information?   Good Question! — for we have tried for months and months to get the Medical and Government Leaders and Agencies to be interested in this preventive treatment but we have received absolutely NO interest on their part.   NONE.  The clinical trial mentioned earlier was done in Istanbul, Turkey.  And another clinical trial is pending in Saudi Arabia with these supplements. Oh and the US? – with all our tremendous Medical Resources, Budget, Medical Research Organizations and Health Care Facilities?  Zero.  None started, none competed and to the best of our knowledge none ever considered or over the last 9 months in this devastating Pandemic crisis!

Perhaps someone in a position of Medical or Government authority will hear this PSA and realize that a change is in order – we can only hope.   At the very least we want to make the public aware of this supplement therapy option to protect themselves in this overwhelming pandemic..    Best wishes to ALL for a safe and healthy Holiday Season and New Year.

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